Shipping, Handling and Insurance FAQ

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What are the shipping, handling, and insurance charges?

Answer: Our shipping/handling/insurance charges depend on the order size.

Metal Quantity Price
Silver Under 300 oz. $25.00
Silver Over 300 oz. FREE
Gold Under 15 oz. $25.00
Gold Over 15 oz. FREE
Platinum Under 15 oz. $25.00
Platinum Over 15 oz. FREE

Orders combining silver, gold, platinum, and palladium with a combined weight of 300 or more ounces ship free!

Our shipping charges depend on current charges at U.S.P.S. We do not make money off of our shipments, only the bullion we sold.

How are metals shipped?

Answer: Metals are shipped by registered, insured mail.

Who is responsible for metals lost or damaged in transit?

Answer: Shipments from Liberty Metals Group to the customer are insured by Liberty Metals Group. When you ship metals to us, you are responsible for metals lost or damaged in transit. You can obtain insurance by shipping USPS registered/insured. Insurance costs must be paid by you unless otherwise agreed upon. If metals are lost or damaged in transit, you will be responsible to file claims with the third party carrier. You will have recourse to the third party carrier only and not to Liberty Metals.

When will I receive my order?

Answer: Shipment is quick and easy. It usually takes 3-7 business days from the time we ship your order until you receive your shipment. No claims can be made on any shipped metals for 14 business days after shipment. You personally will be required to sign for your package.

If I live near your Del Mar or Scottsdale locations, may I pick up my order at your physical store in person?

Answer: You may pick up your order at our physical locations. In fact, we encourage that you do, as nearly all of our local customers make a point of coming into our shop.

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