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1 oz Perth Gold Bar

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The Perth Mint of Australia has a storied history, founded in 1899 as the Western Australia branch of Britain’s Royal Mint. At that time, British gold sovereigns and gold half sovereigns were used throughout Britain’s Empire as everyday coins for circulation.

Instead of shipping gold to London and then distributing them to Britain’s colonies, the Royal Mint built a number of branches throughout the Empire in places where gold was found. And so, the Perth Mint’s job was to turn gold minted in Western Australia into sovereigns.

When sovereigns were withdrawn from circulation in 1931, the Mint continued refining gold into coins. The Mint remained under British ownership until 1970 when control was handed over to the Western Australian Government, who owns it to this day.

The Perth Mint is personable, and a key tourist site when one visits the “golden” State of Western Australia. At the mint one can watch a Gold Pour and even hold a 400oz 24k gold bar.

These bars are cost-effective way of adding to one’s investment portfolio or to hedge against economic uncertainties or simply to preserve one’s wealth.

Each bar features the familiar symbol of Australia On the obverse, the Perth Mint’s beautiful swan, and, on the reverse, a leaping kangaroo, a native species in the Australian Outback, a source of commercial gold since 1851.

This beautiful bar is available in weights ranging from five grams to 10 ounces. Perth Mint Gold Bars are struck in 24k gold.

Individually sealed in a tamper-proof certicard, the bar is guaranteed through a unique serial number of the signature of the Mint’s Chief Assayer.

We also carry the Austrian Credit Suisse and Pamp Suisse gold bars.

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