Gold Expert: Here’s Why You Need to be Buying Physical Gold and Silver (Hint: It Involves China)

You might not know who Harvey Organ is, but you should probably know what he’s saying.

Organ, a well-known bouillon analyst who has testified before the U.S. Commodities Trading Futures Commission, says China is getting its hands on physical gold and silver in droves, and you would be wise to do the same.

“The problem now is that the physical is now gone. Where is going? It’s gone from West to East,” Organ tells Chris Martenson.

He continues:

A lot of people don’t know that China used to refine close to 80% of the world’s supplies of silver, because it’s very toxic. Up until probably ’85, the Chinese handled 80% of the world’s refining of silver. Now they’re down to 40%, but that’s still a major part of China’s industry. They are keeping every single silver ounce they refine, and gold. They are keeping it for themselves; their reserves are rising (though they don’t tell exactly). Two years ago they went up to 1,054 tons and I can assure you it’s probably triple that now. These guys are not stopping. Just like they are not stopping in oil. They know what the game is and they are slowly taking all their U.S. dollars that are on their shelf and converting them to gold, oil, copper – anything that’s real.

According to Organ, the price of gold could soon skyrocket as China continues to buy up physical product. Read more and listen to the interview here..

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