Sinclair: Today was a Cover-Up By the Fed & Mainstream Media

2/29/12 Today legendary trader and investor Jim Sinclair told King World News that today’s action was a cover-up by the Federal Reserve and the mainstream media. Sinclair also laid out for KWN readers globally the exact sequence of the cover-up … Continue reading 

Embry – Gold & Silver Smash Temporary, Oil to Super-Spike

2/29/12 With gold at one point trading over $75 lower and silver down over $3, today John Embry told King World News this is nothing more than a temporary smash and he expects both metals to come roaring right back. … Continue reading 

Richard Russell – Gold to Take Out $1,800 as Tangibles Soar

2/28/12 Kingworldnews.com With many high net worth individuals continuing to exit paper money, today the Godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, had this to say about gold, fine jewelry, fine art, the economy and more: “What we’re seeing now is … Continue reading 

By Gold

2/25/12 By Jeff Clark 02/24/12 Have you ever had any doubts about gold? Does it sometimes feel like it should be performing better? Are you concerned about its volatility? Do you worry about how it might perform in the future? … Continue reading 

Ben Davies – Central Bank Buying Has Gold Shorts Trapped

2/24/12 Today Ben Davies told King World News that a new buyer has come into the gold market. This buyer is very large and it has trapped some of the shorts in the gold market. Davies, who is CEO of … Continue reading 

Greyerz – Gold Will Trade Above $2,000 by the End of March

2/24/12 Today Egon von Greyerz told King World News that we will see some major fireworks in both the gold and silver markets by the end of March. Von Greyerz also discussed the extraordinary increase in world money supply. Egon … Continue reading 

Luster of Metals Returns, Platinum Mine Strikes in South Africa

by: Justin O’Connell The luster of the metals has returned over the last few days after weeks of slumber. Most triumphantly, perhaps, has been the under-considered platinum, which, in the wake of labor unrest at the world’s largest platinum mine … Continue reading 

Inflation Everywhere But MSM Says ‘Not’

It seems every chance the mainstream media (MSM) gets, it tells us things really aren’t that bad. For example, the headline from the Associated Press (AP) said, “Consumer prices on the rise, but inflation outlook is benign.” Who approves the … Continue reading 

Silver Lining in the Kodak Moment

by: Justin O’Connell For the investor in silver, the recent Kodak chapter 11 bankruptcy is big news, for Kodak is among the largest consumers of silver. The photography industry is the second largest consumer of silver behind industry, using annually … Continue reading 

Leaked Document Tells of Greek Default

by Justin O’Connell The economy has moved sideways since the major bailouts of international banks and many corporations who were well-acquainted or debtors of these banks. Since then, the news has been a whirlwind of stories pointing towards the fact … Continue reading 

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