Pierre Lassonde – “Gold to Attack $2,000 in September”

With extreme volatility in gold and silver, today King World News interviewed one of the legends in the gold world, Pierre Lassonde.  When asked about the action in gold Lassonde replied, “Yeah, we’ve had a really good summer for gold, which was to some extent been unexpected.  I was thinking that we would see more marking of time for a while on the gold price, but no, it’s been a hot summer for gold.  But the one thing I really don’t like is a candlestick formation.  Gold was going up too fast, it needed a breather, it needed a correction to be able to stay in a bull market.”


“So we’ve seen a 10% correction, is it the end or is it going to see another 10%?  This being the end of August, September is always a good month for gold, it has been for the last ten years.  So my feeling is that the correction at $1,700, plus or minus $20 is over.  I think we are going to see an attack on the $2,000 level in September.  It will probably bounce back off again, you’ll probably get a couple of bounces off the bottom….  read more here…

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