Liberty Metals Group

Bid:  $1,187.90
Ask:  $1,188.90
current price of gold+4.90
Bid:  $16.70
Ask:  $16.75
curent price of silver+0.10
Bid:  $1,141.90
Ask:  $1,143.90
current price of platinum--0.50
Bid:  $735.50
Ask:  $738.50
current price of palladium+1.70
Prices as of March 31, 2015 9:41:08 pm PST
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Metal Type Grams Payout
10k Gold
14k Gold
18k Gold
22k Gold
.925 Silver
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Liberty Metals Group is a global supplier of gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars. Headquartered in San Diego, California, we are one of the largest and most active precious metals dealers in the Southwestern United States. Wondering where to buy gold bars or searching for a silver bullion dealer? Look no further, we offer FREE SHIPPING on gold orders of 15 ounces or more, and on silver orders of 300 ounces or more!

Our San Diego, CA store is located on the 101 Highway in Del Mar. 

Our inventory normally consists of the world’s most widely recognized gold and silver products. We buy and sell Gold and Silver EaglesGold Buffalo Coins, Canadian Gold and Silver Maple Leaf coins,  Gold Francs and Sovereigns, and the South African Krugerrand. We also sell and buy 10 oz and 100 oz silver bars as well as 1 oz silver rounds and 90% silver bags. We offer quantity discounts for large orders.  We can also help you buy Gold & Silver in your IRA !! We BUY Gold Jewelry and Sterling Silverware-Top $$ paid.  We have a 24 hour payment policy (see resource section).  INDUSTRY NEWS ARTICLES AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.  Give us a call or if you are in Southern California.

Give us a call at 1-877-511-2646 for our store in San Diego, CA (map), .

Mar 31 2015

10 Reasons Bullion-Jewelry Should Be In Your Gold Portfolio

Getting into precious metals is a very important means today of diversifying one’s asset portfolio. Of course gold and silver are very important to this, and, in particular, bullion. But, there is more than one way to get into bullion. While most people think of coins like the American Gold Eagle, Krugerrand and others, the truth is there is one way most don’t think of: bullion jewelry. Continue reading 

Mar 30 2015

Geopolitics & Gold: World At War Yet Gold Remains Bogged Down

Tensions between Russia, the US and even between European countries have reached levels not seen since the Cold War and prior. It seems every day new conflicts emerge. There was of course the Ukraine conflict last year that erupted onto the global stage. This year, fighting in Yemen could mark the beginning of sustained proxy battling between Iran and the US. The US has gone into a number countries over the past decade, including most notably, as late, Syria and Libya.

But with all of this news, why does gold still sag around the $1,200 level? Continue reading 

Mar 25 2015

Central Bank Games Will Continue

The US Federal Reserve plans to continue money printing, admitting in a way that “the recovery” is not as stalwart as advertised by mainstream media. In fact, the recovery is a lie.

Volatility ensued in the markets after the announcement last week on Wednesday that the Fed would keep rates low through at least September. Things have stabilized since then.

The dollar stabilized in the wake of a stark sell-off, bouncing to 119.73 yen with the euro standing at $1.0915.

“EUR USD was once again unable to sustain a test above 1.10, with slightly better-than-expected CPI data driving a sharp rebound in the USD,” analysts at BNP Paribas stated to clients.

“The price action is consistent with our expectation that longer-term oriented market participants will be keen to buy USD above $1.10 and we suspect that underlying flows from euro zone investors will continue to limit scope for EUR rallies.” Continue reading 

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Hours of Operation

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please call 1-877-511-2646

  • FREE Shipping on Silver orders 300 oz’s+ and Gold 15oz’s and up.
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